6 Steps to Following Your Unique Business Path

A DIY Boot Camp Perfect for Your Current Life

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Few things frustrate as much as a business dream deferred. Sometimes we defer our true path because of the myths we've heard about entrepreneurship. We are told that we have to struggle and sacrifice to follow our calling, often to the point of hurting relationships, wrecking our health, or risking our future. It is a romanticized vision, like the starving artist or the sacrificial entrepreneur.

The wisest, most productive people, however, know a secret:

The belief that you have to sacrifice everything to make your mark is a myth.

I was told this myth repeatedly working in Silicon Valley, but I stumbled upon the secret later when I became an entrepreneur myself and I launched two apps, So Quotable and Cuddlr, the latter of which became the number one Apple app and was acquired within a year. Throughout this time, I acted as the primary caretaker of our first infant son. Somehow I was able to be a fully-present father, an active co-founder, TED Speaker, and prolific author. I went on a quest to learn how the most prolific creators, from Brene Brown and Steven Pressfield to Pema Chodron and Seth Godin, managed to follow their path within the limitations of their lives. And, beyond my curiosity, I wanted to serve you.

Here, for you, it became the daily Inc. column, leading to the best-selling The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur series, and conversations around the world.

Today, by popular demand, I offer the boot camp.

6 Steps to Following Your Unique Business Path crystalizes the insights from conversations with top performers, dialog sparked from the long-running Inc. column, and keystone methods from the four Bite-Sized Entrepreneur books into a solid, actionable series of classes. The first one goes live in late January 2018, with the next class going live every week thereafter.

You can join at any time. You can go through the course as many times as you like.

Each class has one key focus supported by discussions with me, videos from amazing creators, and interactive material you'll only find here.

It includes:

*Important discussions only available here

*A community of people also developing their passionate business

*Deeper insights well beyond the best-selling books and popular Inc. column

*Exclusive! Watch the webinar "3 Reasons Why Your Real Passion Has You Distracted, Unfocused & Nervous (and How to Overcome It)", the popular keynote "How to Create Your True Worth!", and the new "How to Know, How to Show & How to Grow Your Business" keynotes from Damon's Toledo Library Entrepreneur-in-Residence.

To maximize your learning, take advantage of the discounted rates for the most popular books in the series (The best-selling The Bite-Sized Entrepreneur, the The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur and, exclusive for the full package, the hot new book Bring Your Worth) as well as up to three 45-minute one-on-one coaching sessions with me! All the fun details are below.

After completing the boot camp, you'll have a clearer idea of how to create your vision, what drives your purpose, and where you can best use the tools you already have. This boot camp will get you on the path to discovering, creating, and executing your strongest calling within your current life.

Look forward to connecting with you!


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Damon Brown
Damon Brown

Damon Brown co-founded the Apple Top 10 app Cuddlr, jump-starting the platonic connection industry. He sold the company in 2015. Brown is a TED speaker and has also spoken at Colombia 4.0 in Bogota, American Underground in Durham, NC, Michigan State University, and Cal State Fullerton. He has written 21 books, most recently The Ultimate Bite-Sized Entrepreneur: 76 Ways to Boost Time, Productivity & Focus on Your Big Idea and the TED book Our Virtual Shadow: Why We Are Obsessed With Documenting Our Lives Online.

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